Resources for Further Study

Chapter 1

PBS Transistor Site

CIA Fact Book

Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500


IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society

IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference

IEEE Electron Devices Society

IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting

International Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits

FCC Frequency Allocations

Semiconductor Research Coporation (International Technology Roadmaps for Semiconductors)

Jack Kilby

TI History

Intel Corporation


Chapter 2

Silicon Crystal Polyhedron (From Professor Kris Pister - UC Berkeley)

Molecular Expressions Silicon Zoo

Astronomy Picture of the Day


Chapter 3

Zener Diodes

Variable Capacitance Diodes

Texas Instruments Voltage Regulators

Solar Decathlon


Chapter S6

Molecular Expressions Silicon Zoo

Chipworks - Silicon Die Photos

Saturated Load Noise Margin Analysis (PDF)

Depletion Load Noise Margin Analysis (PDF)

Saturated Load Delay Equations (PDF)


Chapter 11

LF-155/255/355 Series Op Amp Specification Sheet

AD741 Op Amp Specification Sheet

AD745 Op Amp Specification Sheet

OP27A Op Amp Specification Sheet

OP77E Op Amp Specification Sheet


Chapter 11

Noise Analysis (PDF)