General Status Information - Updated 11/20/03

SECOND EDITION: The Second Edition is now available.

Solutions Manual: The Solution manual is complete.  Solutions are available to instructors through the McGraw-Hill COSMOS System.  CD and/or printed versions of the manual can be obtained from Richard C. Jaeger (

Lecture notes in Power Point form are available for all chapters.  JPEG versions of the figures are also available.         Contact the authors for access permission.

Problem Template



Third Printing: The third printing occurred in mid-October 1998.

PSPICE Files: PSPICE files for more than 100 circuits from the figures in the text are available via anonymous ftp. The circuits are available in PSPICE Schematic Form as well as SPICE Netlist Form.

Solutions Manual: Copies of the Solutions Manual are available to instructors from the authors.

End-of-chapter SPICE Files: A Power Point File containing figures for all the SPICE listings at the end of each chapter is also available via anonymous ftp.

Power Point Slides: The original drawings from the text are available as Power Point Slides and can be obtained from the anonymous ftp site. All files were updated including figures that were inadvertently omitted from Chapter 7.

SPICE Book: A companion text Computerized Circuit Analysis Using SPICE Programs by B. M. Wilamowski and R. C. Jaeger is available from McGraw Hill (ISBN 0-07-032484-0). Chapter 1 introduces SPICE simulation. Chapter 2 contains a wide range of SPICE simulation examples that follow the chapter sequence in Microelectronic Circuit Design.  Chapter 3 provides an overview of numerical methods of circuit analysis.  Chapters 4 and 5 provide a comprehensive reference for SPICE and detail the differences between the PSPICE, SPICE-2 and SPICE-3 implementations.  Chapter 6 presents a description of the device models and model parameters used in SPICE.

Translations: Chinese, Italian, and Korean translations of the first edition of Microelectronic Circuit Design are available.